Technology Solutions

Cypher provides Information Technology solutions with a proven track record of providing affordable technical solutions that meet the customer’s needs. Cypher core competencies are as follows:


  • Military Intelligence & Cyber Ops
  • Cyber Security
  • Enterprise IT Management
  • Software Development & DevOps
  • Geospatial & Space Mission Systems
  • Aerospace Support

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Strategic Partnerships

Cypher partners with industry-leading technology companies, which enables us to offer a full complement of robust systems engineering and technology solutions customized to our clients needs.

This suite of key Technology partners helps us deliver highly effective and customized solutions to our clients. Our partners range from some of the largest companies in the information technology arena to small, niche businesses. We manage our subcontracts by following well-established processes that incorporate industry best practices. And, we firmly believe that, in the long run, cultivating strong relationships with each of our partners yields competitive advantages for both companies.

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